RYDE, is a St. Kitts based company within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, whose mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe transportation service to our clients.


  • Features Include

  • GPS Monitoring, (know where your RYDE is as you wait )

  • Cashless online payments

  • Flexible Online Bookings

  • Safety and Privacy


Our private car services using the latest technology to facilitate the travel of individuals in and around the Basseterre and surrounding areas. The company's products and services will show that we are an innovative, forward thinking company that recognizes the need to move with ever-changing customer needs.


At RYDE, our philosophy is one that emphasizes service, and a realization that effective communication is a key component in our business.



Flexible Booking


Whether you need a ride today, tomorrow, or next week, you can conveniently book a ryde  ride with us through our website, or facebook page  Our Ride Now ®service, for when you need a ride at the last minute, is currently unavailable but we are working to get it operational.


Safety and Privacy


Feel comfortable getting into our vehicle. Every one of our professional drivers must pass a rigorous screening process.   This same attention to safety also applies to the vehicles our drivers use. Additionally, we have strict high standards to keep your information private and secure.



See the price before you book your ryde. And, with e-receipts and your payment information provided before you ride you can be "out the door" and on your way faster.

St. Kitts

St. Kitts is the larger of the 2 Caribbean islands that comprise the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It’s known for rainforested mountains and beaches of white, gray, and black sands. On its southwestern coast is the capital, Basseterre, and Georgian buildings from the colonial era. Anchoring Basseterre is the Circus, a plaza modeled after London’s Piccadilly Circus, complete with Victorian-style clock tower.